The ALIVE Experience

This is not a retreat, and this is not just a vacation. This is a transformational travel experience that will create a profound shift in your perspective on life, your health and wellness as well as your relationship with yourself and others. You will return home happier, healthier and truly inspired.

This is our promise and commitment to all of our guests.

The ALIVE Experience is a curated week of activities, excursions and workshops that provides the opportunity to disconnect from your busy life so you can reconnect with yourself and others and discover what really matters most to you.


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“To live is the rarest thing in the world.
Most people exist, that is all”
– Oscar Wilde

Experience Transformational Travel through the 5 elements of ALIVE


Enjoy activities that will get your adrenaline flowing and push your boundaries


Our wellness program will have you feeling stronger, healthier and more energized


Our highly trained coaches will share their personal genius and experiences with you


Create new friendships, develop new routines and take your life to the next level


You will have clarity and sharpen your focus when you reconnect with yourself in nature


“Many people are alive but don’t touch
the miracle of being ALIVE”
– Thich Nhat Hanh

Just wanted to share with you that I've never been so focused on what I want in life. I haven't felt this ALIVE in a long time! Thank you!


I had such a wonderful week... I’ll cherish it forever... The impact it has left me with is, to do my best to incorporate beautiful moments like those we had in Costa Rica, throughout my life as regularly as I can - from the smallest of ways to the most adventurous ways.

Kelly Alberto

Since I’ve been back I’ve definitely been more relaxed, positive and not stressed. Yoga starts my day every morning and I'm even looking at healthier meals since our chef was so amazing. This trip gave me the adventure I craved. I love pushing my boundaries, being physical and seeing new things. Every day was an adventure. Not once did I feel bored or want to be somewhere else. I was super present there and here now. Thank you for including me in the ALIVE Experience!


The Alive Experience was an incredible week connecting with an amazing group of inspiring humans. Sometimes in life it's important to take a break from the hustle, reconnect with nature, try new adventures and become more self aware to live a more purposeful and fulfilled life.


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