The 5 elements of ALIVE have been specifically curated to create a very positive impact on our guests. The itinerary and programming that ALIVE offers makes our travel experience truly unique. Learn more about the 5 elements of ALIVE below.


When was the last time you tried something for the first time? Are you feeling too comfortable in your comfort zone? The itinerary we’ve created is designed to push your boundaries and have you discover an excitement that’s been missing. During our experience we offer exciting activities like; kayaking, zip lining, ATVing, mountain biking and hiking.


Do you feel stuck in life? Would clarity and focus help? We offer the opportunity to enjoy the simple things in life that make us most happy and fulfilled. This is the opportunity to discover what truly matters to you so you can live in alignment with what you truly want. Stop wasting your time doing what you don’t love. It’s an incredible feeling to know that you can design your own life and choose to be happy.


The workshops we offer provide knowledge and information on various topics and important components of life to support you in elevating whatever it is you truly want to create for yourself.
• Discovering your Purpose
• How to be a Successful Human
• Benefits of meditation
• How to train while traveling
• Contribution; Give to Live
• Daily rituals for a powerful day
• How to project manage your life


What would it feel like to start each day with a new morning routine that has you on a path to wellness and better health. You’ve heard about the benefits of yoga and meditation for years but haven’t quite found the time to start. This will be your opportunity to kick start a healthier lifestyle that you know will benefit you in so many ways. Daily yoga and meditation sessions as well as group workout classes are an essential part of our program. During your week you will also enjoy delicious meals made with fresh, organic produce from local farms.


The intention of the ALIVE Experience is to bring together like-minded individuals who share the desire to live their best lives possible. You can look forward to creating new friendships while sharing life-changing moments together. Elevating your relationships, wellness, focus and aliveness is what we promise you will experience.

zark at transformative vacation

ALIVE Experience Founder

Zark is a serial entrepreneur who has created over a dozen businesses in the entertainment and hospitality industry during the past 15 years. He is also a published photographer, an active philanthropist and a former fitness competitor.

He’s been highly successful in creating dynamic events and venues to entertain people during his 25 year career. His 40th birthday was a major turning point in his life when he realized that he wanted to be more than a successful entrepreneur. Zark wants to be a successful human living a well balanced life and being in service to others. He has been on a journey of self-discovery and self-development and with all that he has learnt, he’s committed to creating businesses that have purpose and a very positive impact.

His career path is now headed in a new direction and he is creating experiences to educate, inspire and empower people to live a fulfilled life. He’s combining his expertise in events and marketing with his passion for travel and self-development to bring like minded people together for the ALIVE Experience.

With the ALIVE Experience he is utilizing the most memorable moments from visiting 65+ countries and combining these with an intentional program to create truly unique transformational travel experiences for his guests.

This new path is one that he is very excited to pursue and truly believes that is his true calling and higher purpose. To learn more about Zark you can visit and on Instagram at @zarkfatah