British Columbia is where the Pacific Ocean meets the Canadian Rockies and is where you’ll find Whistler. World renowned for being one of the most beautiful places in the world, there are so many exciting adventurous activities to experience and enjoy during summertime.

During your 7 night stay at a private mountain side chalet you’ll be completely immersed in nature. Start each day with a yoga and meditation session surrounded by the dense Canadian cedar and pine trees. Enjoy canoeing down the River of Golden Dreams and explore the trails on foot or mountain bike. This promises to be an incredible trip with some truly incredible coaches and speakers sharing their genius with you.

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Meet the Team


Meditation & Breath work Coach

Chris Hawk is a Métis – Cree Canadian is originally from Northern British Columbia yet now calls Costa Rica home. He has been cultivating his spiritual practice for 20 years now. His journey has lead him all across the world and through many disciplines. His multifaceted approach to personal growth and consciousness is received very well by those undergoing the awakening process.

Over the last six years he has been working with the sacred plant medicines of the amazon, drinking with: Taita Juanito a traditional Inga – Doctor of the indigenous community of the Colombian Amazon and also with the Santo Daime tradition of Brazil.

He is honoured to be leading introductory classes to the Breathe, Meditation & Sacred Plant medicines.

During our stay Chris will be leading our meditations as well sharing information on mindfulness and elevating consciousness with us.


Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Zark is a serial entrepreneur who has created over a dozen businesses in the entertainment and hospitality industry. After a 25 year run, his career path is now headed in a new direction. He is combining his expertise in events and marketing with his passion for travel and self-development to bring like minded people together for the ALIVE Experience.

Turning 40 was a major turning point in his life where he realized that he wanted to be more than a successful entrepreneur, he wants to be a successful human living a well rounded life and being in service to others. Since then he has been on a journey of self-discovery and self-development. With all that he has learnt he is committed to creating businesses that have purpose and a very positive impact. He enjoys sharing the lessons he’s learned through his various personal and professional experiences and will lead several workshops on fitness, contribution and overcoming obstacles in life.


Yoga & Meditation Coach

Sitara Hewitt is a Meditation Coach, Mom, Actress and Certified Energy Healer with over 15 years of experience teaching basic to advanced meditation. She guides her meditations with the ethos that along with relaxing and healing, it can be fun and expansive! Incorporating ancient healing modalities to newer age thinking and yogic breath work, she tailors her classes for modern day concerns and is committed to helping her clients enjoy each and every journey. Sitara will be leading the daily yoga classes and sharing her meditation techniques.


Performance Coach

Graham is a Performance coach, Consultant and Keynote Speaker and also writes in Fast Company, TIME, Business Insider and Entrepreneur magazine on the topic of human and brain performance in business. He has conducted corporate and sales training to Fortune 500 companies, spoke to audiences of 500+ people and is a registered TEC Canada Speaker. Graham’s work has been featured on CTV News, the New York Post and shared by Tony Robbins.

He uses the knowledge he’s gained from the struggles in his life to help others break through the mental blocks and habits that are holding them back from achieving their goals. Graham provides a clear cut process for you to optimize your mind, body and spirit that will enhance how you approach every area of your life. Graham will share his practical, science based strategies that will help you feel your best, perform at your highest level and allow life to flow with more ease.


Life Longevity Coach

Coppin Health is a world leader in specialized personal health. Deeply rooted in tested evidence and modern science, we build individualized health programs using anti-aging, functional, regenerative and energy medicines. We call this your Life Protocol, a calibrated program for biochemical individuality that will chart a path to true optimization.

Spencer also co-founded the annual Superhuman Summit which explores the future of human potential. Longevity experts, human augmentation visionaries, self quantification professionals, and actual Superhumans achieving heroic feats all sharing their ideas, knowledge, and stories.

Spencer will be sharing some of his best tips and strategies to live powerfully during his workshop session.


Alignment Coach

Cal Misener is a consultant who believes we have an epidemic of people doing work that they don’t enjoy. His personal mission is to work with business owners and leaders in order to ensure they have meaningful alignment between the work they do and the things they are passionate about. He is also on a crusade to help leaders ensure the people that work for them are doing work that they love and in turn, fueling the growth of their business.

Cal will be sharing his knowledge on how to make heart based decisions to live an aligned life.

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