Who typically comes to this type of trip?

Our past guests have included entrepreneurs, actors, stay at home mothers and various high level executives. The common characteristics of our guests are that they are all asking “what’s next in life” and are looking for clarity to make important life decisions. Another important matter to our guests is to reconnect with themselves and create new friendships with other like minded people. There is no age limit and we aim to have a 50/50 split of men and women.

What are the requirements to attend?

An open mind and the intention to be the student, the teacher and the material. Be open to learning, be generous with your sharing and be committed to growing and discover your full potential.

What isn’t included in the price?

Flights to and from the designated airport, any unscheduled transfers and meals off the property. Extra add-on items may be offered for an additional price; massages, private transports, etc

Do I have to participate in all the activities and workshops?

The ALIVE Experience has been intentionally curated to create a very powerful impact for you. Your participation is highly valued and appreciated as your involvement is a contribution to the overall experience. The activities are not mandatory however they are all booked and paid for in advance so if you choose not to participate you will not be refunded for the missed activity. Just like most things in life, the more you put in, the more you get out!

How difficult are the workouts?

The group workouts cater to people of all fitness levels. There are no heavy weights involved and we primarily use our own body weight and resistant bands for any lifting or pulling. Our guests are invited to push themselves and put in their best effort during our workouts, however if a guest needs to take a break and rest or end a workout early that is totally okay.

How challenging are the activities?

The actives are as challenging as you decide they are. Facing these challenges is a major part of the ALIVE Experience. Conquering fears and pushing your boundaries can be a massive transformative opportunity. The hikes are easy to moderately challenging at time. There is an informative instructional session taught by a highly trained instructor before the activities begin so all guests are educated and safely trained. All of our activities also have a guide or instructor with us at all times.

Do I have to share during the workshops?

We invite all of our guests to share what they feel comfortable telling the group during our group conversations. It is not mandatory or expected, however it’s in the open and authentic sharing that we all learn from one another. Even though we have brilliant, highly trained coaches leading our workshops, it is often the knowledge and information shared by our guests that make the biggest impact. If opening up and sharing is something that is difficult for you then this is the perfect opportunity to have a breakthrough in your communication with an awesome group of humans in a safe and confidential space.

What is the dress code?

The dress code is casual and relaxed. The climate of our locations is typically quite warm so summer season attire such as shorts, t-shirts, light dresses, etc is recommended. Dress casually – women should bring comfortable clothes for yoga and fitness activities, bathing suits, light, flowing dresses for evening or light weight shorts. Do not bring heels or super fancy purses, etc., unless you’re really feeling like dressing up, as the vibe is quite low-key and chill. Men will be most comfortable in shorts, flip flops and a t-shirt.

Should I participate solo or bring my partner / family?

Solo wellness travel is growing in popularity, as individuals realize the value of recharging alone — without all the responsibilities of home to bring with them.
For women solo travellers, the ALIVE Experience can be an empowering, courageous act of self-care. Sometimes what we really need to grow is to experience something alone — something that might intimidate and challenge us.
Taking a solo wellness trip is the ultimate act of self-care and will recharge and refresh you in a truly life-changing way. Haven’t traveled solo yet? Make this year the year you add it to your annual self-care regimen and watch how your life unfolds with more clarity and intention.

Your partner is more than welcome to join. Sharing the experience together can be very powerful for your relationship. Due to the active programming and personal conversations and workshops, the experience is not suited for children to attend.

Will there be meal options for vegans and vegetarians or people with food allergies?

Yes absolutely. We are very concerned and careful about dietary preferences and allergies. There will always be options and alternatives to accommodate your needs.

Can I bring my phone or laptop?

Yes. We realize that some guests may need to work while away for a week, however we do invite all of our guests to try a “digital detox” and to take a break from technology for as long as they can. We have a photographer and videographer on the trip to capture all of the special moments so you can relax, be present and truly experience what you are experiencing.

Is alcohol allowed and on the trip?

This is your vacation and if you feel like having a margarita or cerveza then go for it. There will be times when there can be no alcohol consumption prior to an activity for the safety of all guests. Alcohol is not included in the price of the trip so if you do choose to drink you will have to purchase this in advance.

Will there be free time to relax or work?

There is approximately 4-5 free hours each day; a couple of hours in the morning and a few hours after the afternoon activities and work shops.

What if I need a room mate?

Once you have confirmed your trip we will pair you with another solo traveller if needed. There is also the option to pay for a single occupancy package as well.

Can I attend the retreat but stay somewhere other than the ALIVE property?

Yes, although we do not recommend it as staying together as a group is part of the magic that takes place.

What is your refund policy?

Once final payment has been received the tickets are non-refundable but may be transferred to another ALIVE Experience if an emergency prevents you from attending. You are able to transfer your ticket to someone else, however all transfer requests must be made less than 6 weeks before the event. Note that tickets are not for resale.

What should I pack?

Sunscreen, Mosquito repellent, Socks and sneakers for hiking, Sandals/flip flops for beach and hang time, Bathing suit, We have pool towels which you are welcome to take to the beach (But if you have a favorite big beach towels, be all means bring that along), Yoga gear and workout clothes, Lightweight, cotton-based clothing that breathes easily (it will be warm), A light shawl or long sleeve shirt for a random breezy night, A sun-shielding hat, sunglasses, Book, Musical Instruments of any kind, Your camera and charger cord, water bottle.