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February 2019

What a year!

By | General

This March will be 1 year since I launched this transformational travel company. Starting a new business is never easy, especially when it also involves a complete shift in mindset and lifestyle. Of all the businesses I’ve created, this has been by far the most rewarding and fulfilling thing I have ever done.

We will be hosting our 5th transformation vacation March 9th – 16th and I am confident to say that this will be the best experience yet! Each trip gets better and better as I learn from each experience and develop myself to lead at a higher level.

These trips would not have the impact they do if it were not for the incredible coaches and teachers who support me and share their knowledge and personal genius with my guests. I am humbled by their generosity and I am truly grateful for their contributions to my guests.

I am proud to share the line up of awesome humans who will be leading powerful workshops during the next ALIVE Experience as well as the full itinerary.