We believe that there are no better ambassadors than happy and satisfied clients. We are very proud to share what our ALIVE guests have to say about their experiences with us and the impact our trips have had on their lives

Walid Dorani

Broker – Re/max Rouge River Realty Ltd.

This trip impacted my life in more ways that I could’ve ever imagined. But it was also the people that I was with that made this impact even bigger. I feel like I brought with me a support system that I didn’t have before. I have implemented meditation every morning and I can see the improvement with my mental and emotional clarity. I’ve added life management skills to achieve weekly goals. I also decided to become more minimalistic and it has already taken so much off my shoulders. The way I think and talk about things is more positive and If I start thinking of something negative I immediately notice it and change it into something positive. Saying no was something hard for me to do before and now I have the strength to do such thing, it has already led me to a path that will help me achieve what I want in life. In the end this trip gave me the tools and courage to make the changes I was afraid of making, It gave me the mental clarity I needed to have a vision of my future and purpose in life.

Testimonial by Tania

The Alive Experience was such a unique, transformative and unforgettable travel experience. I met the most amazing group of people who I now call friends. I never thought a group of strangers would impact my life the way they did. Every activity we did each day fulfilled a part of my life that was missing. I got to not only face my fears but also overcome them. The food we had was so delicious and healthy! The Alive team always made sure we had snacks for our adventures and we were satisfied with everything. I could sit here and type forever about how amazing this was and if I could give it more stars I would. They make you feel comfortable and safe. I learned so much from the workshops we had and from the group of people I was with. Things that I’ve now implemented in my life and has already helped me get on track to achieve what I want in life. Thanks to this trip I found guidance and a purpose in my life, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Justin Golshir

Founder of Healthful

The Alive Experience was an incredible week connecting with an amazing group of inspiring humans. Sometimes in life it’s important to take a break from the hustle, reconnect with nature, try new adventures and become more self aware to live a more purposeful and fulfilled life.

Anastasia Koretskaia

I joined the Alive experience in a last minute twist of fate and quickly realized that this opportunity was precisely what I needed.
Every person I met there had deeply personal and compelling reason to participate and although we met as total strangers, we finished the retreat as a genuine family.

The week was filled with personal development workshops that inspired and encouraged us to unpack our suitcases of personal baggage. It was challenging to truly learn what lies beneath our appearances, our assumptions and our beliefs but all helped each other and grew together. We made genuine connections in a judgment free zone that allowed us to share our deepest fears, emotions and most private experiences.

To top it up, our time together was packed with thrilling adrenaline pumping activities that pushed us past our fear thresholds, took our breath away and made us feel…ALIVE!

Sarita Samaroo

Principal Lawyer – SST Law Professional Corporation

This was an eye opening, awakening experience. There were well-planned adventure activities and speakers. Great accommodation and food. Accommodating and attentive host. Thank you to Zark Fatah for a memorable experience. Forever grateful.

Shannon Tebb

Boutique Matchmaker & Dating Expert, Shanny in the City

Since I’ve been back I’ve definitely been more relaxed, positive and not stressed. Yoga starts my day every morning and I’m even looking at healthier meals since our chef was so amazing. This trip gave me the adventure I craved. I love pushing my boundaries, being physical and seeing new things. Every day was an adventure. Not once did I feel bored or want to be somewhere else. I was super present there and here now. Thank you for including me in the ALIVE Experience!

Michael Horner

Founder at eleMental Nutrition and Fitness

I feel that after the age of 30 it’s super challenging to develop new, deep friendships. With the circumstances of life being so busy and having other relationships we don’t make time for it and it becomes very challenging. I joined the Alive Experience to step outside of my boundaries and have the opportunity to meet complete strangers that are deeply passionate about wellness, personal development, health and adventure.

I’ve had so many key awesome memories from this trip. The highlights would be the deep personal connections, the stories, the bonding, the understanding. It really powerfully hit me when I was standing underneath this waterfall and I could feel the force of nature all around me and the love all around me from these people who really cared about me and what I’m doing with my life. It was just a really emotional and positive experience.

These words can’t do it justice.

Kendra Graham

MLSE Special Events Producer

Kendra had a week off of work and wanted to take a vacation. She didn’t have anyone to join her and traveling alone is something she had never done, she felt it was out of her comfort zone. A friend suggested that Kendra try the Alive Experience.

This is what she had to say “Traveling alone was the first step in pushing myself out of my comfort zone. It was a leap of faith not knowing anyone on the trip and I am so happy that I did it!”.

Watch her testimonial to hear her full review on our trip.

transformational yoga

Testimonial by Kelly

I had such a wonderful week… I’ll cherish it forever… The impact it has left me with is, to do my best to incorporate beautiful moments like those we had in Costa Rica, throughout my life as regularly as I can – from the smallest of ways to the most adventurous ways.

transformative mobile riding

Rob Boyko

Co-founder of The BearStar Group Inc

This trip has changed my perspective on everything in my life. Its made me look at what’s really important to me. I’ve never been more relaxed, more present, more focused on what really matters to me. I haven’t slept so good in years. Thank you!

focus on transformational experience

Maziar Ahanin

Broker of Record – Bayview Real Estate Inc.

It allowed for me to break down barriers. I was able to leave something heavy behind that I was carrying for many years. It allowed for clarity, focus, freedom, love, for me to be alive, awake and in control. The structure of the trip gives one the tools to align oneself with reality.