The ALIVE Experience in Tofino is not the typical retreat, and it is more than an all-inclusive vacation. It is a curated trip to one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, that offers wellness, adventure, learning and connection. It includes exciting activities like whale watching and surfing, excursions to iconic landmarks, insightful workshops by highly trained coaches. It also includes a wellness program with yoga classes, meditation sessions, group workouts and delicious, healthy meals. The ALIVE Experience will help you to disconnect from your busy life and reconnect with who you really are what you truly want. This trip will inspire and empower you to create a profound shift in the areas of life that are important to you; health, happiness, purpose and relationships. We invite you lose yourself in the old growth forests of British Columbia, to recharge your physical and mental batteries while taking in some of the most breathtaking views, indulge in healthy and wholesome meals that make you smile from the inside out – everything you could possibly imagine and more to make your trip a genuine once-in-a-lifetime experience awaits.

What could your life look like a year from now? We would like to help you find the answer.

Tofino holds a very special place in my heart. From the first time I discovered this remote little village on Vancouver Island I just knew I would be back many more times. Tofino to me is what Nosara is, but in Canada. It’s hard to put into words the vibe and energy that this place emanates. What I do know is that it is somewhere that I love to share with my friends and I’m super excited to host the Alive Experience at one of my favourite places on the planet. I invite you to join me to experience the magic of Tofino and discover what possibilities you can create for your life.

Zark Fatah

Prepare to be inspired by the wild. Tucked away on the west coast of Vancouver Island is the magical village of Tofino. What makes Tofino special is that it’s a unique slice of Canadian culture. The beaches are long and are met by the mountains near the shore. Time moves slower there, people smile more and live at a calmer pace. Adventure is abundant, there is no shortage of activities to enjoy. Hiking, biking, surfing and so much more… Situated on the traditional territory of the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation, it’s surrounded by the vast, breathtaking expanse of the UNESCO Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Region—a region cherished for its profound biodiversity and environmental culture.

Everything there is connected: from the kelp in the Pacific Ocean, to the black bears of the rainforest, to the people who call Tofino home and the visitors to travel to experience the raw beauty that it offers. All around you are surrounded by the old growth rainforest and the rolling waves that embody the vibrancy of this place. Tofino also has an impressive food scene and a rich arts and culture. Tofino is one of the most visited destinations in the Pacific Northwest. Known for surfing, incredible and ethically sourced food, wildlife, and outdoor activities. It is truly one of the most beautiful places in North America and has a very special energy to it. It’s something that once you’ve experienced you can’t shake it and returning is inevitable.

Why Join The Alive Experience Tofino

This is your opportunity to take a break from the stresses and strains of everyday life to find a different type of both solitude and connection within an environment of natural beauty. This is a gift to yourself where you have the time and space to slow down and look deep within your being, clarify what is important to you and get in touch with your own personal power. The ALIVE Experience is curated and designed with the intention of helping you get crystal clear on the most important aspects of your life. We’ve created a framework that involves various elements and modalities that will provide life-changing, long-lasting results for you. The environment we create provides you with the ability to slow down and get grounded so you’re primed and ready to learn and grow. From the time you arrive till the time you leave, we have all the planning and logistics covered so you can be fully in the moment. We are very specific about the locations we host our trips at, as it’s imperative to be fully immersed in nature. Falling asleep to the rumble of the ocean and waking up to the sound of the wildlife provides a beautiful conduit to disconnect. The fresh clean air and beautiful panoramic views are energizing. You will feel the healing energy of nature. It is in the diversity of our programming that you experience what you genuinely need for your mind, body and spirit.

This is what makes our trips truly unique and so impactful.

How We Create Transformation

Life changing transitions can be a lonely and intimidating process.
This is why we make our trips enjoyable, fun and interactive. Through the various elements of our framework you are constantly learning through the variety of experiences and group interactions. The transformational process begins from the moment you register, with a discovery call with Zark Fatah and you receive the ALIVE Guest preparation materials. Upon arrival you will be provided with the ALIVE Life Handbook. This will be your journal + workbook during your trip and for the following 12 weeks after. You will document your day to day experiences, assess your wheel of life, set goals and express your daily gratitude and inspired actions. Your journal will also be beneficial in setting up follow ups with your accountability partner to ensure you stay on track once you’re back home. You will use this to support you in getting clear on what you want to create for your life and we will co-create a structure that empowers you to achieve this. We encourage our guests while preparing for the trip to let their work colleagues, family and friends know that they will not have cell phone access 24-7. We invite you to try a “digital detox” during the trip and keep their use of technology to a minimum. This will help you be present and truly experience everything that is going on around and within you.


Through the mindfulness practice of morning yoga and meditation, you will begin to tap back into the essence of who you are. Reconnect with yourself and what’s truly important to you through reflection and stillness. In doing so you will learn powerful insights providing you with greater clarity. You will also discover the benefits of gratitude and the power of a positive mindset. We believe that beginning the day with physical movement like yoga or a workout session provides an invigorating start that will inspire you to create a new morning routine. We will show you that it’s easy to do something healthy for your body each day. We love food and know you do too. That’s why we make sure that not only is our food healthy but it’s also super delicious. Our chefs source only the freshest local ingredients to prepare our meals. You will enjoy 3 well balanced meals each day + healthy snacks in between.


We work with a brilliant team of highly trained coaches, whom some are; published authors, key note speakers at events like TEDx and Davos as well as Senior Level instructors at world class educational facilities. Our coaches will share their knowledge and personal genius with you through powerful, conversational style workshops. Our workshops are informal and interactive and range from 60-90 minutes in length followed by a brief Q&A period. Our coaches are also participants so you will be able to interact and learn from them throughout the trip. As well, our coaches generously offer a follow-up session to support our guests with integration. Working with our coaches after the trip is over is also an option (this is an additional cost to be negotiated between you and the coach).


You are about to meet a dozen of your new best friends. Studies have proven that there is a direct correlation between the quality of your relationships and then level of happiness in your life. We believe this is absolutely true and this is what we focus intently on creating deep connections. The group may arrive as strangers and you will all leave like family. Each and every one of you have chosen this trip for your own reasons and collectively we are all dealign with something that we want to resolve so we can let go and move on. Some of the most valuable lessons you will learn may not be from the coaches. The group conversations we share provide great perspective that can create a profound shift for you. We ask that all guests arrive ready to bring what they’re dealing with to the trip and be fully open and vulnerable to share with the group. We create safe space of confidentiality and a container for everyone to say what they need and have the support of everyone in the group. The bond and friendship that evolves out of these deep connections is one of the most valuable benefits of our trips. Many guests have said that it was their favourite part of the experience. When the trip is over you will still have the connection to your new community. The group chat and periodic meet ups keep everyone connected and accountable to support one another. Bringing awesome people together is one of the things we love most about what we do.


We’ve all heard that greatness lies beyond our comfort zone. We fully intend on putting this statement to the test. At the ALIVE Experience we use adventure to help you discover what you are truly capable of. We want to know what gets your heart racing and what fears hold you back. We provide adventurous activities to intentionally test your limits and support you throughout the process so you can overcome the boundaries that have limited your growth and development. We will help you discover your true potential through adventure and once you know this, you will be unstoppable.


The trails in Tofino wind through 800 year old Ancient Cedars and carve through old-growth thickets of twisted trunks, roots, ferns and moss of the temperate coastal rainforest. We will enjoy two phenomenal hikes during out trip; Tonquin trail in Tofino and the Wild Pacific train in Uclulet. The beautiful Tonquin Trail is a must do trail while you visit the coastal town. Offering beautiful views of Clayoquot. The Tonquin Trail is an easy walking trail that passes through rainforests along the Pacific coast and provides access to Tonquin Beach, which is a great location for watching sunsets. There are some wooden stairs along the trail down to the beach but the forest trails are gravel and offer a fairly easy walk. A walk on the Wild Pacific Trail will weave itself into your soul, whether this is your first visit or a daily ritual. This easy walking trail traces the edge of reefs where shipwrecks, whales and vistas abound. A perfect destination for photographers, storm watchers, bird watchers and hikers of all abilities.


To be one with the ocean and harness the power of the waves under your feet is a truly magical experience. Tofino is world renowned as a surfing Mecca with it’s long, quiet beaches and consistent waves. Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced surfer, there are waves for all levels to enjoy. If your ability to swim is a concern, there is no need to worry as the surf lessons take place in shallow water. Some guests have described surfing as a spiritual experience where they are able to disconnect with their thoughts and allow their mind and body to become in sync with the sounds and flow of the ocean. It’s an activity that requires your full body to be engaged and working for those waves. Our team of surf instructors will coach you and set you up to experience what may be your new favourite sport.

Whale Watching

Enjoy the scenic views along the wild coastline of Clayoquot Sound on our way to common feeding areas of whales, near Flores Island or Long Beach. Learn about the area’s fascinating ecosystems with our engaging naturalists while experiencing first-hand the inherent characteristics of whales including spouting, feeding, spy-hopping and breaching! With opportunities to view loads of wildlife, including Sea Lions, Sea Otters, Eagles, birds – both inshore and pelagic, this tour offers something for the wildlife lover.

Bear Watching

Enjoy a boat ride from the Tofino harbour and travel the calm, protected inter-tidal waters around Meares Island, around 20 minutes from Tofino, to explore the scenic inlets to find Black Bears. When the tide rolls out, the Black Bears lumber from the forest down to the shoreline in search of their next meal. From a safe distance, we will watch the bears forage the shoreline for their favourite delicacy, rock crabs and fish. Your knowledgeable guide will share with you information about Black Bears, local history and other wildlife that you may come across such as Bald Eagle’s, Seals, Harbour Porpoises, Wolves, Blue Herons and River Otters. The Black Bears come out of hibernation in April and they stay in the Tofino area until October when they head to the rivers to feast on salmon.


Ocean Village is nestled comfortably on beautiful MacKenzie Beach, a short drive from the picturesque village of Tofino. It is one of the original waterfront destinations in the area. These charming beehive shaped cedar cabins were built in 1976 and capture the true Canadian, west coast vibe. Each cabin has 3 beds; 1 queen and 2 single beds. Single occupancy is available with a room upgrade (additional fee). All cabins face the stunning shores of MacKenzie Beach. Venture into nature as you enjoy the simple comforts of cabin living and the many amenities they remarkable location has to offer. These rustic oceanfront cottages are the ideal accommodations for your Tofino experience, providing easy access to everything this spectacular area has to offer.

The Alive Experience Promise

To provide excellent service and ensure you feel safe and well taken care of. To offer a unique, curated program that allows you to enjoy the experience without having to think or worry about the planning and logistics. To provide comfortable accommodations at a unique property. To serve delicious and healthy Canadian inspired meals prepared by our private chef made with locally sourced produce and ingredients. To focus on individual needs, tailoring the program according to what works for you. To provide experienced facilitators to support and guide your journey. To bring together a group of kind hearted, like minded humans who share the same desire to learn and grow and dive deep in conversations. To create the space and environment to develop deep connections so you can create new friendships for life To provide a safe, respectful and honest environment where participants feel nurtured, able to face their biggest challenges and open their hearts to a new way of being. To provide personal empowerment through openness and honesty and provide practical tools to take with you into your life when you leave.

Your Promise

You take your mask off. Transformation requires you to be open, authentic and vulnerable, this may mean facing emotions that you have suppressed or may not even recognize. You are accountable for your journey: what you put in will be what you get out. We will provide the best tools, resources and guides but the outcomes really depend on your input. Show up ready and willing to play 100%. It is your responsibility not to project any uncomfortable emotions that may come up onto the group and to be accountable for your process. You support one another during and after the trip. We are building a community of like-minded humans who share the same desire to learn, grow and evolve. Supporting one another will make this journey much more fun and enjoyable.

What To Expect

By fully participating in the experience, you will be able to reconnected to yourself; Develop clarity on what’s important to you; Determine your own authentic purpose, values, and goals; Learn how to let go of what is holding you back from moving forward; Identify actions that will improve your well-being, career, relationships, and the difference you make in the world; Develop meaningful connections and new friendships; Appreciate your life more fully and celebrate more often; Return home with a new perspective on your life; Create a structure to achieve your goals.

Is This For Me?

The ALIVE Experience is for people who:

Desire transformation in any aspect of your life (money, career, health, or relationships)

Face a challenge that is getting in your way of a better life

Looking for clarity in an important area of your life

Want dedicated time to invest in yourself and your goals

Want to meet other like-minded people who share your desire to learn and grow

Are interested in living the rest of your life in a happier and more successful way


Day 1
Arrival and welcome
Visiti Tofino village
Campfire introductions
Dinner under the stars

Day 2
Morning yoga
Afternoon hike Wild Pacific trail
Workshop with Zark Fatah
Surf lessons
Dinner at top local restaurant Wolf and the Fog
*Named Best New Restaurant in Canada in 2014 by Air Canada enRoute

Day 3
Morning yoga
Group workout
Workshop with Spencer Coppin on becoming Super Human
Whale watching tour
Dinner under the stars

Day 4
Morning workout
Workshop by Greg Habstritt on How to find Happiness

Light up your Life with Deidre Sirianni
Mountain biking
Sunset yoga
Surprise dinner location

Day 5
Morning yoga
Nature walk Tonquin Trail
Noon departure

Trip Pricing and Essential Information

Packages start at $2250 USD. This price includes:

5 nights accommodations at Ocean Village property

Transportation from Tofino Airport to Ocean Village Resort on Thursday, September 19th at 2PM

If you require a transfer at another time this can be arranged at an additional cost

We will provide all meals, snacks, and beverages (non-alcoholic only)

All activities, workouts and workshops will be provided

We will provide transportation to all activities

Alcohol, additional actives or unscheduled transfers will be an extra cost that you will be directly responsible for paying

The Experience will end at noon on Tuesday, September 24th

The price includes the ALIVE Experience Institute – 8-week online program (value $997)

Upon your reservation, you will receive detailed information about everything you need to know, plus a private WhatsApp group chat so you can connect with your fellow ALIVE tribe members.

You will be invited to join a Private Facebook group to connect with your the ALIVE tribe alumni from previous trips

Have Any Questions? Click Here to Book a 20 Minute Informative Call to Discuss the Trip